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Often times, water customers are concerned when their water bill increases. Customer service representatives are employees that can support customers in many different ways. One way customer service representatives can support others is to help identify ways to lower water usage.  Through this task, you are going to calculate  your family’s “Water Footprint”(how much water your family uses) and suggest ways that your family can decrease their water usage. 

TASK – The “Helpers”

  1. Click on the image below to find your “Water Footprint” by answering questions about your family’s water usage.
  2. Once you have completed the assessment, suggest 5 ways that your family can decrease their water usage.  For suggestions, take a virtual tour by clicking the image below.

  3. Share your suggestions on how to decrease water usage with a family member.


  • Can you identify ways that your family is wasting water?
  • What are some helpful tips to share with your family members to lower their water usage?
  • How does it feel to share ideas or suggestions to others?

HINT: Most drastic increases in bills are due to leaks in landscape irrigation or toilets. 



What you enjoy or do not enjoy about helping and supporting others?

(Write your response on a sheet of paper or in a notebook.)



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